Project B – Geo Narrative


I have decided to create a Geo Narrative for my Project B. It follows the exciting story of my best friend and I on our World Trip last year!

Obviously not every breathtaking second could be included! So, although of course we did the ‘tourist thing’ with all the sign seeing and such…this story does not show you the usual ‘tourist’ path – its about the interesting highlights, fun times and quirky bits of our trip!  Take a look…

Marijke and Mel’s FAB World Trip!

Marijke and Mel's FAB World Trip!!This is 100% accurate (non-fiction) account of the first part of our trip. I plan to add the remainder of the year’s events separate to this assignment, it’s a little long! All images and video are my own (unless obviously referenced: there may be one photo)

By combining the use of text and images in geographical context I have networked sources of media so they work together and ultimately serve one purpose – to tell a story. Each one of these components contributes to the network and provides an individual asset. The pictures give the viewer a visual image to look at while reading the text – combined, this creates a picture in the viewers mind which is put into geographical context via the use of Google maps.

Each individual tag on the map contains a short summary of the highlights that occured in that city. This idea is that the story is told through mainly visual elements however the text is there to enhance this. I have also incorporated many links to sites, articles and photos that are relevant and related to the places and events we visted. This is a crtucial part of the Networked Media concept. By linking relevant sources of all media types, the viewer is able to research into the subject themselves and learn more about it – finding out what they please about the place or event that I have initially interested them in through the geo-narrative. I have also included a link to one of my videos in the Geo-narrative; this adds a whole new level of engagement with the viewer as they are able to hear and view one of my experiences. This again being an asset to the Media Network, as the more variety in media that is linked and referenced to my content – the richer the viewer’s experience.

I found Google maps to be an unpleasant media to work in -it is very clunky in the way that you have to enter information. The small windows are extremely inconvenient as you cannot even view an entire thunbnail with out scrolling! It would be a lot more pleasant to use if the windows could be made bigger during the editing process and you could click between consecutive windows with a ‘next’ or ‘previous’ button. This would also benefit the ‘story telling’ effect as the viewer could easily follow the order of events correctly.


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